For Directors, VP's and CEO's

Doctorate of Business Administration


The line of research on Competitiveness in Management follows the trend of DBAs at the principal business schools around the world.

The idea is to train high-level professionals, who are able to combine their experience and state of the art in management knowledge to transform organizations.

Target Public

Professionais with a great amount of experience, who already have a Master’s Degree and seek advanced knowledge based on research in business administration to develop innovative solutions in their organizations.

Benefits and Differentials

  • Possibility of taking courses in the Academic Master’s and Doctorate Degree programs at FGV/EAESP, including courses in the Winter School.
  • Access to FGV/EAESP’s Study Centers.
  • Access to the international network of the institution’s partner schools.

Selective Process

Selection for the most recent class has already been completed.
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Duration, Frequency and Regularity

Classes held in concentrated periods (Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays) and intensive periods (Monday through Friday) during the months of January and July.

4-year duration, with the following curriculum structure:

  • 3 courses in research methodology (9 credits/135 hours) to provide support in preparation of the doctoral thesis.
  • 3 courses (9 credits/135 hours) for development of competencies in strategic and organizational analysis.
  • 4 seminars (6 credits/90 hours) to explore state of the art of knowledge in emerging topics in management: competitiveness, innovation and new business, corporate finance and marketing strategies.

The courses are concentrated in the first three years. The idea is to allow full availability to prepare the doctoral thesis in the last year.


R$ 138,000.00 or in 48 installments, with 36 installments of R$ 3,166.67 and 12 of R$2,000.00.

Amounts for first year Doctorate students in 2016.

There is no plan to grant any scholarships for this line of research.

More Information

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