Workshop on Logics and Ontologies for Natural Language (LogOnto) - September 22, 2014

Aims and Scope

Formal tools coming from logic, ontologies and automated reasoning are important for natural language processing, lexical semantics and in general for computational semantics. The workshop invites papers on formal approaches on dealing with semantics, as well as on the combination between logical methods and statistical methods for acquiring and using ontologies for computational semantics, especially for languages less endowed with lexical resources.

The workshop is associated with FOIS 2014.

Conference Topics

Specific topics include, but are not limited to:

  • logic for semantics of lexical items, sentences, discourse and dialog
  • ontologies for applications in Portuguese
  • formal tools in ontology creation, re-use and evaluation
  • formal tools in textual inference, such as logics for natural language inference
  • description and modal logics in semantics
  • formal approaches to unifying data-driven and declarative approaches to semantics


Papers should be submitted to EasyChair.

Workshop Chairs


The OpenWN-PT site is now open for easy online consultation, as discussed at the workshop. (downloading has been available since 2010) We hope that linguists and computer scientists interested in lexical resources will help us improve the resource. This is the goal of the boxes for comments below each entry: don't be shy, complain of wrong meanings, ask us to add new ones and/or suggest new functionality. We will do the best we can, no guarantees though.