WTD - SIBGRAPI 2014 - List of accepted works

WTD Works will be presented as a poster session:

  • Friday, August 29
  • 15:20 - 17:00
  • Room: FGV´s Cultural Centre

SAMSUNG Best PhD. thesis and Best MSc. thesis awards will be announced during the conference dinner.

Download the files of the accepted works here

PhD Thesis

T01) M5AIE: A Method for Body Part Detection, Tracking and Pose Classification using RGB-D Images

Andre Brandao (UFF), Leandro Fernandes (UFF), Esteban Clua (UFF)

T02) NGrid: A New Data Structure for the Neighbourhood Gathering Problem on GPUs

Mark Joselli (PUC-PR), Esteban Clua (UFF)

T03) Illumination Inconsistency Sleuthing for Exposing Fauxtography and Uncovering Composition Telltales in Digital Images

Tiago Carvalho (UNICAMP), Anderson Rocha (UNICAMP), Helio Pedrini (UNICAMP)

T04) Machine learning via dynamical processes in complex networks

Thiago Cupertino (USP), Liang Zhao (USP)

T05) CT Denoising on Low Photon Counting Using a Contextual Bayesian Approach

Denis Salvadeo (UNESP), Alexandre Levada (UFSCar), Nelson Mascarenhas (UFSCar)

T06) Visual Attention Guided Features Selection with Foveated Images

Rafael Gomes (UFRN), Luiz Marcos Goncalves (UFRN), Bruno Carvalho (UFRN)

Master Dissertation

D01) Real-Time Human Action Recognition Based on Motion Shapes

Thierry Moreira (UNICAMP), Hélio Pedrini (UNICAMP)

D02) Dynamical neural network with complex network community structure

Fabiano Sousa (USP), Liang Zhao (USP)

D03) Segmentação de imagens de arte rupestre utilizando o sistema de Coordenadas Estelares

Francisco Gerson Meneses (IFPI), Marcos Lage (UFF)

D04) Cálculo De Linhas De Curvatura Sobre Malhas De Triângulos Sem Parametrização Usando Geodésicas Discretas

Tiago Brito (UFAL), Dimas Martínez (UFAL), Thales Vieira (UFAL)

D05) PQR tree based methods for crossing reduction in layered directed acyclic graphs

João Rubens Marchete Filho (UNICAMP), Celmar Silva (UNICAMP)

D06) Multiresolution visualization of the topic flow in text collections

Bruno Schneider (FGV), Asla Medeiros e Sá (FGV)

D07) Data clustering based on collective behavior and self-organization

Roberto Gueleri (USP), Liang Zhao (USP)

D08) Multidimensional Similarity Search for 2D-3D Medical Data Correlation and Fusion

Jeronimo Grandi (UFRGS), Anderson Maciel (UFRGS)

D09) A Fully Automatic Methodology to Create 3D Models from Concept Arts

Renato Viana (UFMG), Renato Celso Ferreira (UFMG), Erickson Nascimento (UFMG)

D10) Diabetic Retinopathy Image Quality Assessment, Detection, Screening and Referral

Ramon Pires (UNICAMP), Anderson Rocha (UNICAMP)

D11) Shape Analysis: a New Approach Based on the Hough Transform

Gustavo Souza (UNESP), Aparecido Marana (UNESP)

D12) Video-Based Face Spoofing Detection through Visual Rhythm Analysis

Allan Pinto (UNICAMP), Helio Pedrini (UNICAMP), Anderson Rocha (UNICAMP)

D13) Asymmetric Error Control on Support Vector Machines

Daniel Moraes (UNICAMP), Jacques Wainer (UNICAMP), Anderson Rocha (UNICAMP)

D14) Maximal Max-Tree Simplification

Roberto Souza (UNICAMP), Letícia Rittner (UNICAMP), Roberto Lotufo (UNICAMP)

D15) Methods for nuclear segmentation and evaluation of gene expression in sagittal images of Drosophila melanogaster embryos

Daniela Sousa (UFU), Bruno Nassif Travençolo (UFU), Francisco Jose Lopes (UFRJ)

D16) Lazy Work Stealing for Continuous Hierarchy Traversal on Deformable Bodies

Vinícius Silva (UFRJ), Claudio Esperança (UFRJ)

D17) Rendering of in-vivo Organs through Laparoscopy-based Sampling of BRDF

Augusto Nunes (UFRGS), Anderson Maciel (UFRGS), Marcelo Walter (UFRGS)

D18) Transfer Function Generation for Scientific Visualization Using Topological Attributes

Guilherme Schardong (PUC-Rio), Luiz Netto (UFSM), Cesar Pozzer (UFSM), José Trindade Borges da Costa (UFSM)