SIBGRAPI 2014 - Technical Session Program

TS 1 - Geometry & Devices

  • Session Chair: Manuel Menezes de Oliveira (UFRGS)
  • Thursday, August 28, 11h - 13h
  • Room: FGV´s Cultural Center

A Sketch-Based Modeling Framework Based on Adaptive Meshes

Emilio Vital Brazil*, University of Calgary; Ronan Amorim, ; Mario Costa Sousa, University of Calgary; Luiz Velho, IMPA; Luiz Henrique de Figueiredo, IMPA

Grid-based Shortest Path Algorithm for Voronoi Diagrams with Generalized Distance Functions

Julio Toss*, UFRGS; Joao Comba, UFRGS; Bruno Raffin,

3D Face Reconstruction from Video Using 3D Morphable Model and Silhouette

Christian Baumberger, University of Bern, Switzerland; Mauricio Reyes, University of Bern, Switzerland; Mihai Constantinescu, Inselspital, Switzerland; Radu Olariu, Inselspital, Switzerland; Edilson Aguiar, ; Thiago Oliveira dos Santos*, UFES

WebcamPaperPen: A Low-Cost Graphics Tablet

Gustavo Pfeiffer*, UFRJ; Ricardo Marroquim, Coppe-UFRJ; Antonio Alberto Oliveira, UFRJ

Interactive Object Class Segmentation for Mobile Devices

Ignazio Gallo*, Università dell'Insubria; Alessandro Zamberletti, Università dell'Insubria; Lucia Noce, Università dell'Insubria

TS 2 - Medical Imaging I

  • Session Chair Paulo Cezar Carvalho (EMAp/FGV)
  • Thursday, August 28, 11h - 13h
  • Room: FGV´s 12th floor Auditorium

Portable Digital In-line Holography Platform for Sperm Cell Visualization and Quantification

Antonio Sobieranski*, UFP

Conveyor belt X-ray CT using Domain Constrained Discrete Tomography

Luis Alves Pereira*, UFRPE; Andrei Dabravolski, University of Antwerp; Tsang Ren, UFPE; George Cavalcanti, UFPE; Jan Sijbers, University of Antwerp

Pre-Alignment for Co-registration in Native Space

Wu Shin-Ting*, UNICAMP; Clarissa Yasuda, Unicamp; Lionis Watanabe, Unicamp; Ana Carolina Coan, Unicamp; Augusto Valente, Samsung; Fernando Cendes, Unicamp

Automatic detection of fovea in retinal images using fusion of color bands

Rodrigo Veras*, UFPI; Fatima Medeiros, UFC; Romuere Rodrigues, UFPI; Kelson Aires,

Graph Based Characterization of Microcirculation in Sepsis Using Sidestream Dark Field Imaging

Jihan Zoghbi*, ; leandro Ticlia, IME USP; Miguel Galarreta-Valverde, IME USP; Ana Liberatore, ; Custodio Vieira, ; Ivan Koh, Unifesp; Marcel Jackowski,

TS 3 - Pattern Recognition

  • Session Chair: Thomas Lewviner (PUC-RJ)
  • Thursday, August 28, 14h30 - 16h30
  • Room: FGV´s 12th floor Auditorium

Vehicle License Plate Recognition With Random Convolutional Networks

David Menotti*, UFOP; Giovani Chiachia, UNICAMP; Alexandre Falcao, UNICAMP; Vantuil Oliveira Neto, UFOP

Learning to Annotate Clothes in Everyday Photos: Multi-Modal, Multi-Label, Multi-Instance Approach

Keiller Nogueira*, UFMG; Adriano Veloso, UFMG; Jefersson dos Santos, UFMG

A Fast Feature Tracking Algorithm for Visual Odometry and Mapping Based on RGBD-Sensors

Bruno Silva*, UFRN; Luiz Gonçalves, UFRN

Helmet Detection on Motorcyclists Using Image Descriptors and Classifiers

Romuere Rodrigues*, UFPI; Kelson Aires, ; Rodrigo Veras, UFPI

Simplified training for gesture recognition

Romain Faugeroux, LIX; Thales Vieira, UFAL; Dimas Martínez, UFAL; Thomas Lewiner*, PUC-Rio

TS 4 - Information Visualization & Visual Analytics

  • Session Chair: Luis Gustavo Nonato (USP - São Carlos)
  • Thursday, August 28, 14h30 - 16h30
  • Room: FGV´s Cultural Center

Visualization and Analysis of Parallel Dataflow Execution with Smart Traces

Daniel Osmari, ; Lauro Lins, AT&T; Huy Vo, NYU; Joao Comba*, UFRGS; Claudio Silva, New York University

Visualization of music collections based on structural content similarity

Aurea Soriano Vargas*, ICMC- USP; Fernando Paulovich, USP-SC; Luis Nonato, USP-SC; Maria Cristina de Oliveira, USP

A Nested Hierarchy of Localized Scatterplots

Martin Eisemann*, TU Braunschweig, Germany; Georgia Albuquerque, TU Braunschweig; Marcus Magnor, TU Braunschweig, Germany

Improving On-Patient Medical Data Visualization in a Markerless Augmented Reality Environment by Volume Clipping

Márcio Farias Macedo*, UFBA; Antonio Apolinario Jr. , UFBA

Semantically Aware Dynamic Layouts

Erick Gomez-Nieto*, ICMC/USP; Danilo Motta, ; Luis Nonato, USP-SC

TS 5 - Forensics, BioMetrics & SuperRes

  • Session Chair: Siome Klein Goldenstein (Unicamp)
  • Friday, August 29, 08h30 - 10h30
  • Room: FGV´s Cultural Center

Forensic Facial Reconstruction using Mesh Template Deformation with Detail Transfer over HRBF

Rafael Romeiro*, COPPE/UFRJ; Ricardo Marroquim, Coppe-UFRJ; Claudio Esperança, COPPE/UFRJ; Andreia Breda, UERJ; Carlos Marcelo Figueredo, UERJ

Face Sketch Recognition from Local Features

Marco Antonio Silva*, UFOP; Guillermo Cámara Chávez, UFOP

Extending Face Identification to Open-Set Face Recognition

Cassio Elias Santos Jr.*, UFMG; William Schwartz, UFMG

Tampering Detection of Audio-Visual Content using Encrypted Watermarks

Pedro Garcia Freitas*, UnB; Ronaldo Rigoni, ; Mylene Farias,

A Parallel Framework for Video Super-Resolution

Pedro Garcia Freitas*, UnB; Mylene Farias, ; Aletéia Araújo,

TS 6 - Medical Imaging II

  • Session Chair: Jacob Scharcanski (UFRGS)
  • Friday, August 29, 08h30 - 10h30
  • Room: FGV´s 12th floor Auditorium

Oriented Relative Fuzzy Connectedness: Theory, Algorithms, and Applications in Image Segmentation


Brain Mapping and Interpretation of Reading Processing in Children Using EEG and Multivariate Statistical Analysis

Fabio Rocha*, Centro Universitario da FEI; Carlos Thomaz, FEI; Armando Rocha, RANI; Eduardo Massad, FMUSP

Segmentation of Pigmented Melanocytic Skin Lesions Based on Learned Dictionaries and Normalized Graph Cuts

Eliezer Flores, UFRGS; Jacob Scharcanski*, UFRGS

Automatic Segmentation of Specular Reflections for Endoscopic Images Based on Sparse and Low-Rank Decomposition

Fabiane Queiroz*, UFPE; Tsang Ren, UFPE

Statistical Learning Approach for Robust Melanoma Screening

Michel Fornaciali*, UNICAMP; Sandra Avila, UNICAMP; Eduardo Valle, UNICAMP; Micael Carvalho, RECOD/UNICAMP

TS 7 - Learning & Parameter Optimization

  • Session Chair: William R. Schwartz (UFMG)
  • Friday, August 29, 11h - 13h
  • Room: FGV´s 12th floor Auditorium

Semi-Supervised Pattern Classification Using Optimum-Path Forest

Willian Amorim*, UFMS; Alexandre Falcão, UNICAMP; Marcelo Carvalho, UFMS

Semi-Supervised Learning for Relevance Feedback on Image Retrieval Tasks

Daniel Pedronette*, UNESP; Rodrigo Calumby, UEFS; Ricardo Torres, UNICAMP

Learning Kernels for Support Vector Machines with Polynomial Powers of Sigmoid

Silas Fernandes, UFSCar; Andre Pilastri, ; Luis Pereira, UNICAMP; Rafael Pires, UNESP; Joao Papa*, UNESP

Evolutionary Optimization Applied for Fine-Tuning Parameter Estimation in Optical Flow-based Environments

Danillo Pereira, ; Jose Delpiano, University of the Andes; Joao Papa*, UNESP

Fuzzy Inference Methods Applied to the Learning Competence Measure in Dynamic Classifier Selection

Marek Kurzynski*, Wroclaw University of Technology

TS 8 - Rendering & Simulation

  • Session Chair: Claudio Esperança (UFRJ)
  • Friday, August 29, 11h - 13h
  • Room: FGV´s Cultural Center

Procedural generation of 3D canyons

Daniel De Carli*, UFSM; Cesar Pozzer, UFSM; Fernando Bevilacqua, uffs; Victor Schetinger, UFSM

Improving Divide-And-Conquer Ray-Tracing Using a Parallel Approach

Cícero De Lara Pahins*, UFSM; Cesar Pozzer, UFSM

Instanced Rendering of Massive CAD Models Using Shape Matching

Paulo Ivson*, Tecgraf/PUC-Rio; Waldemar Celes, Tecgraf/PUC-Rio

Cloth Simulation with Triangular Mesh Adaptivity

Suzana Oliveira*, UFC; Creto Vidal, UFCE; Joaquim Cavalcante-Neto, UFC; Laise Carvalho, UFC; José Gilvan Maia, UFC

SPH Fluids for Viscous Jet Buckling

Luiz Fernando Souza Andrade, ICMC-USP; Marcos Sandim, ICMC-USP; Fabiano Petronetto, UFES; Paulo Pagliosa, UFMS; Afonso Paiva*, ICMC-USP

TS 9: Applications and Remote Sensing

  • Session Chair: Arnaldo Albuquerque Araújo (UFMG)
  • Friday, August 29, 14h30 - 16h30
  • Room: FGV´s 12th floor Auditorium

Unsupervised Hyperspectral Band Selection Based on Spectral Rhythm Analysis

Lílian Chaves Brandão dos Santos*, UFMG; Silvio Guimaraes, PUCMinas; Arnaldo Araujo, UFMG; Jefersson dos Santos, UFMG

Superpixel-based interactive classification of very high resolution images

John Vargas*, UNICAMP; Priscila Maeda Saito, UNICAMP; Alexandre Falcao, UNICAMP; Pedro Rezende, Unicamp; Jefersson dos Santos, UFMG

High-Quality Reverse Tone Mapping for a Wide Range of Exposures

Manuel Oliveira*, UFRGS; Rafael Kovaleski, UFRGS

Improved Residual DPCM for HEVC Lossless Coding

Kibaek Kim, Hanyang University; Gwanggil Jeon*, Incheon University; Jechang Jeong, Hanyang University

Image-Based Streamsurfaces

Gustavo Mello Machado*, University of Stuttgart; Filip Sadlo, University of Stuttgart; Thomas Ertl, University of Stuttgart

Invited Journal Session - Elsevier Computer & Graphics

  • Session Chair: Diego Nehab (IMPA)
  • Friday, August 29, 14h30 - 15h20
  • Room: FGV´s Cultural Center

Practical considerations on Marching Cubes 33 topological correctness

Lis Custodio, Tiago Etiene, Sinesio Pesco, Claudio Silva

A sample-based method for computing the radiosity inverse matrix

Eduardo Fernández, Gonzalo Besuievsky