Daniela Campello

Ph.D. UCLA (2008)
Professor of Politics and International Affairs

  • "Exogenous Shocks and Misattribution of Responsibility for Economic Performance: Results from Survey Experiments"

    With Cesar Zucco Jr.

  • "Chance, Competence and Accountability: Presidential Elections and Incentives for Good Governance"

    With Cesar Zucco Jr.

  • "Media and Assignment of Responsibility for Economic Performance in Brazil"

    With Karine Belarmino, Institute for Social and Political Studies

  • "Recipient or Investor? The Changing Behavior of Emerging Market Multinationals towards BITs"

  • "The Political Economy of Confidence in Brazil"

    Project in partnership with the Brazilian Institute of Economics, FGV

  • "Business' Preferences on Brazilian Foreign Economic Policy

    Project in partnership with Princeton University and University of São Paulo

  • "Do Markets Sanction Corruption?"

    With Cesar Zucco Jr.

  • "Speculative Attacks and Policy Switch: The Case of the Brazilian Workers Party"

  • "Partisan Convergence in Emerging Economies: What Can We Learn from Bond Markets?"