FGV students can use Office 365, Microsoft’s cloud service, which offers a wide range of options and applications, completely free.


Cloud storage – OneDrive

Students can store their files (texts, spreadsheets, photos, etc.) using the OneDrive service. At no cost, each student is entitled to 1 terabyte of space to store his or her data.

As well as being securely stored, files in OneDrive are always available. They can be accessed anywhere, using multiple devices.

Students can give permission for others to access some of their files. In this way, they can be shared with classmates in a work group, professors or anyone else, and all in a perfectly controlled manner.

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All Office apps on all devices

You can use all apps in Microsoft’s Office package. This applies both to the versions of these apps that run in the cloud, for which you only need a browser, and to versions installed on devices based on the Windows, MacOs, iOs and Android systems.

Thus, students have everything they need when it comes to word processing, spreadsheets, presentations and notes. Wherever they are, whether or not they have internet access, and whatever device they are using, they only have to choose the appropriate Office app version.

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word excel powerpoint

outlook onenote
Instalar o Office 2016

You can install Office 2016 on up to five devices

Students can install the Office 2016 package (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and OneNote) on up to five devices (desktop, laptop, iMac, MacBook, iPad, iPhone, etc.), and they are guaranteed the right to updates to future versions.

You can use an Office 2016 program installed on a device even when it is offline.

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account@fgv.edu.br   - email account with up to 50 GB of storage

All FGV students can use an email address ending in @fgv.edu.br (e.g. C1234567@fgv.edu.br), based on the FGV Access Account they use to access the ICT resources offered by FGV.

All students are given 50 GB of space to store their messages and they also have the option of creating an alias email address to appear in the messages they send. For example, a student called Jane Doe has the FGV Access Account name C1234567 and she was automatically given the email address C1234567@fgv.edu.br, but she has the option of creating the alias email address jane.doe@fgv.edu.br.

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Skype for Business

Skype for Business

The Skype for Business service is the Skype we all know, plus resources that are required for use in companies, such as better levels of security and strong integration with Office 365 apps. Thus, when using the Outlook app, you can schedule a Skype meeting, and invitations will be emailed to all participants together with a link to an automatically created “virtual room,” which everyone will have access to when the meeting starts. Furthermore, during the meeting, on top of audio, video and text communication options, participants will be able to show everyone the content on their screens. For example, they can give a PowerPoint presentation or use any other application.

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How to use it

How to access it

To use Office 365, you only need to go to https://microsoft.fgv.edu.br and fill in the spaces with your authentication information, as follows:

- Identity: Specify your FGV Access Account name followed by @fgv.edu.br (e.g. C1234567@fgv.edu.br).

- Password: Specify your FGV Access Account password.

If you forget your password or have not created one yet, you can create a new one by clicking here.

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About FGVAccess Accounts

FGV Access Account names are emailed to students when they join the institution. They are only sent once. If students cannot access this message, they can obtain their account name by calling (11) 3799 3400 (Sao Paulo), (21) 3799 2300 (Rio de Janeiro), or (61) 3799 8100 (Federal District). If they are at one of FGV’s sites, they can request this information from a Technology Support Center technician.

In addition to Office 365, this account also allows you to use the various ICT resources offered by FGV ->

How can I create my email address?

FGV gives each of its students an account name (e.g. C1234567) to be used to access the ICT resources it offers. It also gives each student an email address ending in @fgv.edu.br (e.g. C1234567@fgv.edu.br), which is linked to an Outlook mailbox with 50 GB of space to store messages.

Students have the option to choose a new email address based on their name. Once this is done, both the new and standard address (account name@fgv.edu.br) will be able to receive messages, but messages sent by students will appear to be sent from the new address.

To generate this new email address:
1. Go to https://www1.fgv.br/TIC/identitymanager/newalias;
2. Type in your account name and password;
3. Choose one of the presented email address options, or cancel the operation.

Email Alias

Office Training Center

Many texts, videos and e-books are offered in various training modules about the different applications that are part of Office 365.

Office Training Center ->

Office 365 has versions in many languages, but the English version of training modules is always the most up to date, and for non-native English speakers it is a good opportunity to maintain or enhance their mastery of the English language.

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